tHAT2 - 4 relay outputs and Modbus converter
RJ12 splitter - 4x1-Wire + 1xI2C
Modbus RTU - overlay with RS485 converter
tB3 - expansion board with 1-Wire, I2C, OLED
tB2 - expansion board with 1-Wire, I2C, OLED
Converter for 4-20mA sensors
tHAT2 + GSM overlay
Control board ON/OFF/PWM for LC v3
Relays board 4x10A v3
Control board ON/OFF/PWM for LC v2
PoE resetter - 4xLAN/PoE
RJ12 splitter - 3xI2C/1-Wire + 4x1-Wire
Relays board 1x16A
Relays board 5x16A
Overlay v3 Lite

Environmental sensors

BME280 sensor + RJ12 splitter
Temperature and humidity sensor AM2301B
Temperature and humidity sensor AM2320
Dusk sensor
Temperature sensor DS18B20U
Temperature sensor DS18B20
Waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20
Temperature sensor PT1000
Ultrasonic distance sensor JSN-SR04T-2.0
Infrared distance sensor
Soil moisture sensor SoilWatch 10
CO2 MH-Z16 sensor with I2C/UART adapter
Laser dust/air purity sensor SDS011
Particulate matter sensor SPS30
Magnetic reed switch
Flood/rain sensor
Dusk sensor (digital output)
Rainfall sensor
Magnetic water level sensor (CMW35/45/55/65)
PIR motion sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor DHT22/AM2302

Current and voltage sensors

AC-meter - AC voltage sensor
Current sensor WCS1800
Current sensor WCS6800
Inductive current sensor SCT-013-030
Current sensor ACS709 (+/- 75A)
Current sensor ACS711EX (+/- 31A)
Current sensor ACS711EX (+/- 15A)


Barcode reader
Energy meter SDM120M
Energy meter SDM72D-M
EPEVER Solar Charge Controllers