Relays board tBRx3 3 x 10A for LK4
tHAT2 - 4 relay outputs and Modbus converter
RJ12 splitter - 4x1-Wire + 1xI2C
Modbus RTU - overlay with RS485 converter
tB3 - expansion board with 1-Wire, I2C, OLED
tB2 - expansion board with 1-Wire, I2C, OLED
Converter for 4-20mA sensors
tHAT2 + GSM overlay
Control board ON/OFF/PWM for LC v3
Relays board 4x10A v3
Control board ON/OFF/PWM for LC v2
PoE resetter - 4xLAN/PoE
RJ12 splitter - 3xI2C/1-Wire + 4x1-Wire
Relays board 1x16A
Relays board 4x16A
Overlay v3 Lite

Environmental sensors

BME280 sensor + RJ12 splitter
Temperature and humidity sensor AM2301B
Sensirion SCD40 - CO2 level, humidity and temperature sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor AM2320
Dusk sensor
Temperature sensor DS18B20U
Temperature sensor DS18B20
Waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20
Temperature sensor PT1000
Ultrasonic distance sensor JSN-SR04T-2.0
Infrared distance sensor
Soil moisture sensor SoilWatch 10
CO2 MH-Z16 sensor with I2C/UART adapter
Laser dust/air purity sensor SDS011
Particulate matter sensor SPS30
Magnetic reed switch
Flood/rain sensor
Dusk sensor (digital output)
Rainfall sensor
Magnetic water level sensor (CMW35/45/55/65)
PIR motion sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor DHT22/AM2302

Current and voltage sensors

AC-meter - AC voltage sensor
Current sensor WCS1800
Current sensor WCS6800
Inductive current sensor SCT-013-030
Current sensor ACS709 (+/- 75A)
Current sensor ACS711EX (+/- 31A)
Current sensor ACS711EX (+/- 15A)


Barcode reader
Energy meter SDM120M
Energy meter SDM72D-M
EPEVER Solar Charge Controllers