Lan Controller v2.5

Lan Controller v2.5 can be used interchangeably in all applications where until now Lan Controller v2.0 has been used. All commands are identical.

Table of differences between versions 2.5 and 2.0.
v2.5 v2.0 Description
Supply voltage 9-55V
9-30V (since 27.04.2021 - yellow label)
8-28V wider voltage range
OC type OUT1-4 outputs Yes No direct switching of relays
IDE10-2 Pin9 4.8V VCC sensors power supply
PCB colour red green

Lan Controller version 2.5 is the next installment of the very popular controller. The small device provides a website with readings of various types of sensors and allows you to remotely control up to 6 outputs. In addition, the Event Config event table function allows you to program the appropriate action when the reading from the selected sensor meets the given condition. A watchdog function has been prepared for ISPs to ping up to six network devices.

Useful for many application might be Scheduler, which allows turning on/off other devices at a specific time or for a specific period of time.There are available outputs with PWM modulation for controlling, e.g. brightness of the lights or speed of the electric motor. To facilitate remote installations, the board can be powered by PoE. Several software lines are prepared that can be changed using the TFTP client. Sensors and modules extending the controller capabilities are presented in the Accessories tab. The device was designed and manufactured in Poland.

We hope that Lan Controller will find new applications not only in ISP networks, but also in simple home automation, monitoring the status of all types of installations, measuring renewable energy sources or as a simple meter of energy consumption by various receivers. Therefore, the range of sensors for such measurements will be expanded. All customers are welcome to send us ideas for applications and share their original projects on the forum.