Lan Controller v1.0

Lan Controller is a simple but innovative device that has long been lacking on the market of network solutions. The small board serves as a web server on which the readings of various types of sensors are presented and allows you to remotely control up to 5 outputs.

Lan Controller v1.2 has the same description on the board as v1.1 (V1.1) - the change applies only to memory.

Basic features

  • 5 analog inputs: temperature, voltage and current measurement (through additional boards) and indirectly other physical quantities.
  • Digital input in 1-Wire standard: measurement from 4 to 6 temperature probes DS18B20.
  • 4 logical inputs: as a status sensor for monitoring, as a pulse counter from an energy meter.
  • 1 relay (NO, C, NC).
  • 4 outputs for switching relays, transistors in OC standard.
  • 1 PWM output from 2.6kHZ to 4MHz.
  • Measurement of supply voltage and temperature on the board.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • The board fits the Z-67 housing.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage 9-56V
Power consumption 1W
PoE power supply YES (passive)
Interfaces Ethernet 10 Mbit/s
Relay 255VAC 10A
Operating temperature range -20 to +85 °C
Dimensions 57 x 67mm
Weight 45g



Before updating the firmware, please check the hardware version of the Lan Controller (HW in Control Panel at the top). Correct operation is only ensured with the correct version.
v3.22 HW1.2

Filename: lc10_v3_22_HW1_2.bin (325.1 KB)

v2.59 HW1.2

Filename: lc10_v2_59_HW1_2.bin (322.4 KB)

v3.22 HW1.0

Filename: lc10_v3_22_HW1_0.bin (319.5 KB)

v2.59 HW1.0

Filename: lc10_v2_59_HW1_0.bin (316.5 KB)