Relays board 4x10A v3

Board containing 4 high quality RELPOL RM51 relays. After connecting to the Lan Controller v3 has the ability to turn on, off, reset each of the relays independently. Their status is indicated by LEDs. The relays have one switched output led out on the terminal strip as NO, C, NC. The board is on holder with optional DIN mounting. Control cable with plugs included. The main application is to control 4 electrical devices.

Technical specifications

Number of relays 4
Maximum load 10A - for 230V AC (AC-1)
10A - for 24V DC (DC-1)
Coil control voltage 5V
Contact material AgSnO2
DIN rail mounting Yes
The board is not compatible with Lan Controller v2 and older.
Use of the board with dangerous voltages only by authorized persons with appropriate protections.