Tiny Smart Relay

Easy way to remotely control relays from LAN Controllers via Wi-Fi

Tiny Smart Relay is a controller/overlay for the relays board. It allows you to remotely - via Wi-Fi networks - change the status of relays. Control is possible through the built-in website of Tasmota's open source software.

After configuring with LAN Controller (4, 3.5+, 3), we have control over the relays of Tiny Smart Relay as if they are connected directly to the LK. Find out more

Easy control and monitoring of sensors

Tiny Smart Relay with Tasmota software allows you to easily control the 4 on-board relays and read 1-Wire and I2C sensors.

You can also integrate Tiny Smart Relay as Tasmota device with our mqtt.ats.pl service.You can also integrate Tiny Smart Relay as a Tasmota device with our service mqtt.ats.pl. It allows you to remotely control the device using the ATS MQTT Client mobile application, as well as track the status of the device.

Integration with LAN Controller

The main use is to extend relay control in LAN Controller. You can integrate up to 4 Tiny Smart Relays with one LAN Controller. .

Configuration on LK consists of 2 steps :

  • First, in the HTTP Client, we set the address of our Tiny Smart Relay with the command for the selected relay
  • Next, set the event that will activate the relay. HTTP1-4 must be set as the event action (Action).