Managed Power Distribution Unit with energy consumption monitoring in Rack 19 inch cabinet standard.

  • 7 electrical outlets managed independently via HTTP, SNMP or MQTT protocols.
  • Communication via 10/100Mb Ethernet interface.

Simple management

tcPDU can be fully configured from the website, available on the built-in web server.

It is also possible to send any commands to the device via the HTTP protocol (omitting the website) or MQTT (after configuring the connection).


tcPDU supports various sensors, allows you to monitor power and energy, and fuse status.

1-Wire and I2C: DS18B20 temperature sensors and AM2301B temperature and humidity sensor.

Logic inputs: Reed switches and other sensors signaling by shorting the input to ground.

Power and energy measurement: Measurement of active and reactive power, voltage, current and calculation of energy for all sockets combined.

Fuse: Monitoring the voltage behind the fuse - allows you to add a rule and notify about the activation of the protection and the cut off of power to the devices connected to the tcPDU.


Currently tcPDU is available in variants with different sockets - type E and type F (Schuko).

Type E

Type F (Schuko)


Setting multiple options for outputs such as return after a set time, periodic switching, switching on with a delay after power-up.

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The device has a very extensive function of programming the operation when the condition on one of the sensors is met. Currently, we can check the conditions simultaneously on two inputs with the 3rd condition and set a logical operator between them. As an event output, the OUT or PWM output can be controlled, email or SMS sent, SNMP trap sent, MQTT or HTTP command. Virtual outputs are also available, which can be used for more complex event configurations. We can conveniently configure and add more lines of our program.

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The Scheduler can be useful for many applications, allowing you to turn on/off devices at a specific time or for a specific period of time. Of course, we can also switch virtual VAR outputs, turn on or reset energy meters for intelligent daily energy counting or in specific tariffs. The new appearance of the Scheduler makes it easier to use, offers extensive possibilities of setting the times of actions not only in a weekly cycle, but also daily, monthly and even annually.

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The unique feature of the tcPDU is watchdog - monitoring of set IP addresses and in the absence of a ping response - resetting the assigned network sockets.

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Power and energy

The device has an energy monitor showing the current mains voltage, current and active/reactive power as well as the calculated energy consumed in total for the device and the powered devices. You can reset energy, e.g. to monitor daily consumption, and turn on/off meters at specific times to monitor different tariffs.

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It is our proprietary solution that complements the functionality of Tinycontrol devices, based on the MQTT protocol.

Access is free for self-use - all features are available with some limitations, but can be customized to your specific needs upon contact.

The service currently offers the following features:

  • Collecting data from the devices and presenting them on a chart or table, with the option of exporting data.
  • Defining reactions to incoming data with conditions regarding value, time. With their help, you can control one device depending on the readings from another device.
  • Defining tasks to be performed on selected days of the week at specific times (can be associated with reactions).
  • Viewing data from the supported devices and controlling it remotely using a website or a mobile application.