Gigabit PoE injector 5G7A

Gigabit PoE injector is a device manufactured in our company for the needs of wireless internet operators. As the only passive PoE device it can provide up to 1.5A power supply in an 1 Gbit/s Ethernet cable. This effect was achieved by using special high-current transformers for Ethernet signal lines, manufactured in Poland on our order. The power signal is introduced only on 4 lines in accordance with the passive PoE 100 Mbit/s, so the device is fully compatible with the slower LAN version.

PoE injector meets the power requirements from 12V to 56V. A practical solution is also the housing with height and depth of 1U and an optional DIN rail mounting bracket.

Basic features

  • High current carrying capacity.
  • Full bandwidth of 1 Gbit/s.
  • Overvoltage protection on the supply input.
  • Overcurrent protection on PoE outputs.
  • Mounting in a rack cabinet or on a DIN rail.
RJ45 Ethernet connector
The RJ45 Ethernet connector is not intended for long-term current over 1A! We recommend using the highest quality RJ45 plugs - necessarily with gold-plated pins.

Examples of application

  • Radio equipment support.
  • For IP cameras.
  • In industrial networks.
  • For a smart home.

Technical specifications

Quantity of 1 GBit/s ports 5 x LAN, 5 x LAN+PoE
PoE standard 4+, 5+, 7–, 8–
Supply voltage (terminal peg) 12-56V DC
Maximum current per 1 PoE port 1.5A (no more than 1A recommended)
Maximum current on all ports ≤7A
Reverse polarity protection YES
Short circuit protection at the output YES 1.6A
Operating temperature range -20 to +65 °C
Dimensions (height x width x length) 45 x 78 x 170mm (without handles),
45 x 78 x 207mm (with handles)
Type of housing 1U with DIN rail mounting option
Weight 530g