tB2 - expansion board with 1-Wire, I2C, OLED

For Lan Controller v3.x


The basic tB2 expansion board is available in two configurations:

  1. I2C and 1-Wire splitter - 2xRJ12, 3x1-Wire, 1xI2C micro 1.25mm, OLED 0.96 inch socket.
  2. I2C and 1-Wire splitter - 2xRJ12, 6x1-Wire, 1xI2C micro 1.25mm, no possibility to install OLED.

The board has spring terminals for convenient connection of DS18B20 sensors (for wire cross-section 0.5mm2) and a micro JST 1.25mm connector for the I2C bus, e.g. for connecting the BME280 sensor.

Communication with Lan Controller via the I2C or 1-Wire bus. For this purpose, the board should be connected to the INP6 connector in the Lan Controller using a 6-core cable with RJ12 plug (included) using one of the sockets, the second socket can be used to connect another 1-Wire or I2C sensor. There is a marking on the board for connecting the DS18B20 sensors to the 1-Wire bus.

Brackets for the display module are included in the kit.

The description of the configuration of sensors and display can be found in the Lan Controller manual.

Basic features

  • 1 input for connecting 0.96 inch OLED display (only in one of the available configurations)
  • 3/6 1-Wire inputs
  • Power supply from the I2C 3.3V bus
  • Dimensions: 66 x 36 x 18mm
  • Optional DIN rail mounting