Sensirion SCD40 - CO2 level, humidity and temperature sensor

This sensor builds on the photo-acoustic sensing principle.

Sensor board is equipped with an I2C interface.

Usage with Lan Controller

Sensor support is available in HW 3.5+ and SW 1.50+.

When connecting via the I2C interface, select the option with this sensor on the I2C and 1Wire sensors page. As a result, the readings from the sensor will be available in the fields T1, H1, CO2.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage 2.4-5.5V DC (typically 3.3V or 5V)
Peak supply current 175mA
Length of connecting cable (maximum) 0.5m (I2C)
Measurement range 0-40000ppm (CO2)
0-100% RH (humidity)
-10 to +60 °C (temperature)
Measurement accuracy +/- 50ppm + 5% (CO2, in the range of 400-2000ppm)
+/- 6% RH (humidity, in the range of 15 to 35 °C and 20-65% RH)
+/- 9% RH (humidity, in the range of -10 to 60 °C and 0-100% RH)
+/- 0.8 °C (temperature, in the range of 15 to 35 °C)
+/- 1.5 °C (temperature, in the range of -10 to 60 °C)
Measurement repeatability +/- 10ppm (CO2)
+/- 0.4% RH (humidity)
+/- 0.1 °C (temperature)
Response time 60s (CO2)
90s (humidity)
120s (temperature)