Managed switch 5 ports PoE 4F1G

A unique device manufactured in our company, which is a combination of a managed switch with a PoE injector and an I/O controller. Unlike typical PoE switches with a fixed output voltage, our design allows you to get voltage at the Ethernet output such as the supply voltage of the switch. If it comes from a buffer power supply with a battery, we also have the cheapest and very compact backup power solution.

This solution also allows for much higher power consumption than in a typical switch, it is only limited to 2A per port. This is especially important for instantaneous, usually much higher starting or transmitting currents for radio devices. However, it should be remembered that such a high current causes fast burning of the Ethernet sockets. All power parameters for the entire switch and each port are monitored remotely, including the Watchdog function, resetting the port's power supply in case of no ICMP response.

A unique solution is a compact design with height of 1U and depth of only 31mm. Thanks to this, the switch will fit into flat corridor cabinets and will leave room for elegant cable laying. Another unique feature of our device are 2 logical inputs to control the switch environment (e.g. cabinet doors) and a voltage output for remote switching of various types of receivers. In addition, the 4F1G switch has a reset button.

Basic features

Examples of application

Technical specifications

Supply voltage 9-53V
Maximum current per 1 PoE port 2A (no more than 1A recommended)
Maximum current on all ports ≤6A
Power consumption <1W (with one active link)
Reverse polarity protection YES
Maximum current of the transistor output 1A
Operating temperature range -20 to +85 °C
Weight 0.350kg
Type of housing 1U
Dimensions 146 x 45 x 31mm (without handles),
173 x 45 x 31mm (with handles)



HW2.1 v2.05

Filename: poeswitch4f1g_HW2_1_v2_05.bin (97.3 KB)

  • Displaying the measurement of the supply voltage.
HW2.1 v2.04

Filename: poeswitch4f1g_HW2_1_v2_04.bin (97.2 KB)


Filename: poeswitch4f1g_v1_12.bin (96.4 KB)


Filename: poeswitch4f1g_v1_10.bin (95.2 KB)


Filename: poeswitch4f1g_v1_08.bin (95.1 KB)


Instrukcja - PoE Switch 4F1G pl

Filename: instrukcja_4F1G_Switch_POESWG-030_PL.pdf (3.1 MB)

Manual - PoE Switch 4F1G en

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Informacja techniczna - PoE Switch 4F1G pl

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Technical information - PoE Switch 4F1G en

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Deklaracja CE - PoE Switch 4F1G

Filename: Deklaracja_PoE_Switch_4F1G_POESWG-030.pdf (263.7 KB)