Our idea is design and develop ‘tiny’ devices  for reading remote sensors and  controll in IP networks. Wherein “tiny” means simple and cheap comparing to their possibilities. It’s idea of Internet of Things.


Lan Controller v3

This new, modern device has a lot of functionalities. Support various protocols and allow control up to 10 outputs or read and send value of various types of sensors. It works with smartphone application and allow automatise process by scheduler and events configuration.

Lan Controller v2.5

A small board serves as a web server which presents the various sensor readings and allows you to remotely control up to 6 outputs. Simple event configuration possible .

Gsm controller

GSM v3 controller allow monitor by gsm network different phisical parameters and control remotely on/off 5 outputs.

Managed PoE Injector

Gigabit PoE injector meet needs of internet providers and surveillance installations.

IP Power Socket

Managed power distribution unit in Rack 19" standard. Equipped with six independly managed outlets. Ethernet connection.

GSM Power Socket

Managed power distribution unit in Rack 19" standard. Equipped with five independly managed outlets. GSM connection.

PoE passive Switches

Managed PoE switch is unique device designed as combination of management switch, PoE injector and in/out controller. In opposite to typical PoE switches output voltage is not fixed but it is input voltage. There are 2 version: full Gigabit 10port switch with SFP and 4port 100Mb + 1Gb.

Converter DC/DC

DC/DC.BAT120 converter is very useful in telecommunication systems and wherever we need a guaranteed supply with single backup battery and output voltages of 12V, 24V and 48 / 56V.

Jacht Computer

Controller with lights, switch table and dispaly for monitoring small vessel resources.