Control board ON/OFF/PWM for LC v3

For Lan Controller v3.x

The overlay has been designed for Lan Controller v3 and fits in the original housing. It is equipped with 4 high-power MOSFETs, to which devices with a current consumption of 1-4A can be connected (the current at the power input must not exceed 4A).

Power supply for the overlay and Lan Controller is given by a separate input. The voltage supplied to the overlay will be available at the outputs. It is therefore necessary to match the supply voltage to the receivers used as far as possible. It is not possible to power the overlay from a Lan Controller, especially via PoE.

The IDC10-2 connector has been led out as an edge connector - thanks to this the overlay does not block access to the OUT1-4 outputs. As a result, all 10 outputs are easily available: OUT0, OUT1-4, OUT5, PWM0-3.

Examples of application

  • Adjusting the brightness of LED strips or small bulbs.
  • Speed control of small commutator DC motors, e.g. in fans.
  • Setting the temperature in small volumes or for small technological processes using DC heaters.

Technical specifications

Number of control channels 4
Control functions ON/OFF/PWM (for supply voltage)
Supply voltage 9-30V
Maximum output current 4 x 1A per channel or 1 x 4A per channel