Lan Controller v2.0

Lan Controller is a simple but innovative device that has long been lacking on the market of network solutions. The small board serves as a web server on which readings of various types of sensors are presented and allows you to remotely control up to 6 outputs. Additionally, the Event Config function of the event table allows you to program the action to be taken when the reading from the selected sensor meets the specified condition. A watchdog function has been prepared for ISPs to ping up to six network devices.

Basic features

  • 5 analog inputs: temperature, voltage and current measurement (through additional boards) and indirectly other physical quantities.
  • Digital input in 1-Wire standard: measurement from 4 to 6 temperature probes DS18B20.
  • Digital input for operating the DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor.
  • 4 logical inputs: as a status sensor for monitoring, as a pulse counter from an energy meter.
  • 1 relay (NO, C, NC).
  • 1 transistor output - supply voltage at the output, to control loads with a current consumption of up to 1A.
  • 4 outputs for switching relays, transistors in OC standard.
  • 1 PWM output from 2.6kHZ to 4MHz.
  • Measurement of supply voltage and temperature on the board.
  • Reverse polarity protection.




About the firmware versions

In order to extend the applications of our Lan Controller, we have introduced several firmware lines suitable for various applications. This is the only option, due to the very diverse needs of users on the one hand, and limited hardware capabilities on the other. Changing the firmware is possible using the LAN Controller Tools program (Windows XP only) or the TFTP client as described in the manual.

2.xx - standard version, in addition to the main page with sensor readings, Events Config tab for programming the event table, Watchdog for monitoring 5 network devices, Scheduler for programming time events and Network Config for all other settings.

3.xx - the Smart Home version has no Watchdog tab, but includes support for the DHT22 sensor, reading of six DS18B20 temperature probes, digital inputs as bistable switches - for operating wall light switches.


Filename: lc20_v3_18.bin (324.7 KB)


Filename: lc20_v3_15.bin (324.7 KB)


Filename: lc20_v3_13.bin (324.2 KB)


Filename: lc20_v3_10.bin (321.9 KB)


Filename: lc20_v3_06.bin (320.4 KB)


Filename: lc20_v3_03.bin (316.9 KB)


Filename: lc20_v2_09.bin (316.4 KB)


Filename: lc20_v2_07.bin (314.1 KB)


Filename: lc20_v2_03.bin (312.5 KB)


Filename: lc20_v2_00.bin (314.6 KB)