Basic features



  • 2 analog inputs: for the 0-5V and 0-33V range, for measuring voltage, direct current (additional sensors needed), temperature sensors, photoresistors - dusk sensor, pressure sensor and many others.
  • Digital input in 1-Wire standard - measurement of up to 8 DS18B20 temperature probes.
  • Digital input in I2C standard - for many different sensors or outputs extension.
  • Serial bus (UART 3.3V).
  • 2 logic inputs - as a status monitor (open/close door, PIR sensors, etc.), as button for manual switching.
  • 1 relay (NO, C, NC).
  • Measurement of supply voltage and temperature on the board.


  • Configuration via the website.
  • Support for SMS commands and notifications.
  • Changing the output state by making a call from an authorized number.
  • Support for up to 100 numbers authorized for the call function.
  • Support for HTTP (GET) and MQTT communication protocols.
  • Calibration of sensors.
  • Calculating the difference of readings from inputs.

List of currently supported sensors and devices

  • Analog inputs (voltage measurement in the inputs range, others supported in firmware)
    • DC current sensors: ACS711EX_15, ACS711EX_30, ACS709_75, ACS711LC_12, ACS711LC_25, ACS711LC20, WCS1800, WCS6800, LA100P, R=0.1Ω, R=0.01Ω, R=0.05Ω
  • Logical inputs (digital)
    • magnetic sensor of door opening, etc.
  • 1-Wire bus
    • temperature sensor DS18B20
  • I2C bus
    • humidity sensors: BME280 (humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure)
    • particulate matter sensor SPS30 (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10)
    • outputs extension OUT1-4 PCF8574
  • Serial port
    • CO2 sensors MH-Z16, MH-Z19
    • Ozone sensor GMQ125
  • Modbus port (via an additional RS485 converter)
    • 2-way energy meters SDM120M and SDM72D-M (power, energy, voltage, current and other readings depending on the meter)
    • Danfos controller EKC 202C


- Options under development, new features might be added.