tHAT + GSM overlay

For Lan Controller HW 3.7, 3.8

Version extended with GSM module, currently available in version tHAT_IDC10 with IDC10 connectors for connecting a relay board.

The tHAT overlay offers an additional 4 relay outputs in open collector standard, which are controlled from the PWM outputs. The board also has a RS485 converter to support Modbus. OUT1-4 relay outputs and supply voltage, analog inputs INPA1 and INPA2 as well as voltage 3.3V to supply sensors are also led out.


The GSM overlay enables LC

  • Controlling outputs via SMS (on/off/reset).
  • Sending SMS as an action in Events.
  • Sending HTTP requests (e.g. cyclical sending of readings) over the mobile network.
  • Sending MQTT data (e.g. sensor readings) over the mobile network (feature available soon).
The GSM module uses a serial port, therefore it is no longer available for connecting other devices or sensors.