Firmware and documentation



Filename: gsmv42_v1_18.bin (71.0 KB)

  • Truncation of the last two characters from the text of the SMS.
  • Display of negative temperature values for BME280.

Filename: gsmv42_v1_17a.bin (71.0 KB)

  • Support for SDM72 (set by usartsensor=4, values sent over MQTT on topics se1 - se10, mqttselect 35 - 44).
  • Temperature value in the MQTT message.

Filename: gsmv42_v1_16.bin (70.2 KB)

After updating, the device has to be reconfigured.

  • Support for SPS30 sensor. Reads pm1, pm2, pm4, pm10. Works on the I2C interface, with the required 5V power supply.
  • New MQTT topics (pm1, pm2, pm4, pm10).
  • Option mqttselect extended by 4 positions (31, 32, 33, 34 for pm1, pm2, pm4, pm10, respectively). When reading setread=1, the value of mqttselect is returned in two parts - low 32 bits and high 32 bits.
  • The pmread command to read all 4 pm values.
  • The pminterval command to set the time after which the SPS30 sensor will wake up and take readings for 20 seconds. For 0, the sensor is working all the time, maximum of 65535 seconds.

Filename: gsmv42_v1_15a.bin (68.0 KB)

After updating from older version, the device has to be reconfigured.

  • The maximum length of the username has been increased to 100 characters and the password to 31 characters. It may be helpful when connecting to the service.

Filename: gsmv42_v1_15.bin (67.8 KB)

  • Power saving option. Three levels:
    • sleep=0 - 20mA (average power consumption from a 7.4V Li-Po battery), full functionality, MQTT connection with keepalive=60.
    • sleep=1 - 13mA, full functionality, MQTT connection with keepalive=60, compared to sleep=0 the modem is put into a low power state but still working normally.
    • sleep=3 - 5mA, processor stopped, no MQTT connection, only receiving SMS with commands and dialed calls.