Control board ON/OFF/PWM for LC v2

For Lan Controller v2.x

The board is designed as an overlay for Lan Controller v2 and fits in the original housing. It is equipped with 4 high-power MOSFETs that can be used to power devices with a current consumption of 1-3A.

By controlling the switching of these transistors from the Lan Controller panel (OUT1-4 outputs), we can turn the connected loads on or off. Similarly, after switching on these outputs, we can control the percentage of PWM filling and thereby control the power (e.g. LED strips). The PWM control of the OUT1 output can be done directly through the website, while the others can only be done via the HTTP command given in the manual. But this allows you to do simple http scripts to control e.g. lighting.

  • The maximum load is about 3A if we use 1 output or 1A if we use all at the same time.
  • The TR overlay also contains a 0.1ohm resistor for measuring current through INP4 and measuring voltage via INP5.
  • The power supply should be connected only to the overlay that will provide power for the Lan Controller - other power supply should be disconnected, also POE! You cannot power the overlay from a Lan Controller.