Managed switch 10 ports Gigabit PoE 1SFP10G

A modern, managed, gigabit PoE switch. It is a unique combination of a managed switch, high performance PoE injector and I/O controller. Unlike typical devices, it does not have a fixed output voltage. This parameter depends on the supply voltage. In addition, it has 2 independent power sections, each can be powered in the 12-55V range, still obtaining the same voltage at the PoE output.

All power parameters, for the entire switch and for each port are monitored remotely, including the Watchdog function, resetting the port's power supply in case of no ICMP response (ping). The switch meets the so-called passive PoE. All PoE outputs can be remotely monitored in terms of current consumption and power, as well as connection status and speed on the Ethernet ports.

Basic features

  • Management via WWW or SNMP v2.
  • Firmware upgrade remotely via TFTP.
  • Read data in real time without refreshing the page.
  • Possibility of switching 10 PoE ports directly from the website.
  • Watchdog IP on each port (email notification, power reset on PoE).
  • 2 independent power sections with 5 ports.
  • 1 logical input.
  • 1 transistor output.
  • Measurement of the board ambient temperature.
  • Measurement of supply voltage with accuracy -/+ 0.1V.
  • Current and power measurement on each PoE port.
  • Setting time manually or by NTP server.
  • Automatic sending of SNMP TRAP with value (VCC, Temp, INPD, INPA).
  • Supported protocols: HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP.
  • 10 ports 1000/100/10 Mbit.
  • 1 SFP 1Gbit port.
  • VLAN support (option available in the future).
  • Optional rack cabinet mounting.

Examples of application

  • Radio equipment support.
  • For IP cameras.
  • In rack cabinets for various types of control devices.
  • In industrial networks.
  • For a smart home.

Technical specifications

PoE standard Passive - power on all pairs of wires
Supply voltage 2 x 9-57V
Maximum current per 1 PoE port 750mA
Maximum current on all ports 2 x ≤6A
Power consumption <1W (with one active link)
Reverse polarity protection YES
Maximum current of the transistor output 1A
Operating temperature range -20 to +85 °C
Weight 1kg
Type of housing desktop or rack
Dimensions 250 x 102 x 37mm (without handles),
450 x 102 x 37mm (with handles),
takes 1U




Filename: poeswitch1sfp10g_v1_3b.bin (126.7 KB)