1.16 (Dec. 13, 2023)

Filename: tcpdu_1_16.bin (1.4 MB)

  • Mode option for Action in Events. It allows you to specify when the event action will be performed - when the condition begins to be met, when it stops being met, or both (default behavior, compatible with previous versions of the software).
  • (only for tcPDU with LTE) LTE modem support, Internet connection via PPP and SMS command support. Three standard commands as in LK3: reboot, on, off, and the ability to send commands as in HTTP queries after using the cmd prefix, e.g. 1234:cmd:out=out1.
  • Email configuration for the Watchdog function and events allows you to set different addresses, topics and message contents for notifications. In the case of events, two variants are supported: when the event condition is met and when it ceases.
  • Address fields in the HTTP client extended with a dedicated field for cyclic sending and four options with variants for sending when the event condition is met and when it ceases.
  • Adding events at position above 10.
  • IP, date and time in variables (reading codes) for HTTP, OLED, SMS client.
  • Basic and Digest Authentication support in HTTP client.
  • Port in HTTP client.
  • MQTT topics on iDValue1 and iDValue2.
  • Memory leak when authorization is enabled on the HTTP server.
  • Operating on older versions of tcPDU (HW 1.0).
  • Display the modem options page.
  • Saving APN and other options on the modem page.
1.10b (July 18, 2023)

Filename: tcpdu_1_10b.bin (1.3 MB)

  • Watchdog.
  • SNMP.
  • Discovery - can be detected with LKTools just like LK.
  • HTTP Client.
  • Offsets for 1-Wire sensors DS18B20.
  • Reset time (time of return) for outputs.
  • Displaying power and energy.
  • Selecting data for sending in MQTT Client tab.
  • Saving HTTP Client settings.



An application that simplifies work with tinycontrol devices. It includes functions for finding them in the local network (Discovery function) and updating the firmware.

tinycontrol integration for Home Assistant

Integration allows you to use readings from tinycontrol devices and control their outputs inside Home Assistant. The current version includes support for LK4.0, LK3.5+, LK3.0, LK2.5, LK2.0, tcPDU and IP Power Socket V1/V2.


Currently, you need to install it as a custom integration, i.e. copy the integration files to the config/custom_components folder in Home Assistant (details in


We add devices using the Home Assistant UI, providing access data to the device (host, port, optionally username and password).

By default, added devices only have a few entities enabled, e.g. board temperature and voltage. The remaining entities can be turned on independently in the UI at your discretion. Entity availability varies by device.

After you update your device software, you may need to reload the integrations for them to properly support them.

tinycontrol integration - current version lk3 integration - previous version (only LK3.0 and LK3.5+ supported)


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