Opening the gate with an incoming call from the phone

In typical closed access parking in housing estates or in industrial areas, the GSM Controller can be used to lift the barrier or open the gate through a phone call.
The phone connection is rejected, but an action is performed - opening the gate or barrier.

Typically, gate drivers need potential-free contacts to control opening by briefly shorting the selected input.
GSM Controller v4.2 has these contacts as out0 (relay) and the function of controlling this output with calling from a phone.
Reaction could be set as on/off or mostly used reset with time defined as Output reset time.

Only authorized numbers from Trusted number list can take action. Only admin who has access to account on protected server, can add or remove this numbers very easilly, using any web browser. There is no need for a direct connection with the GSM Controller located in the gateway housing.

If you are the administrator of a building with a parking lot or you are responsible for access to other closed zones with a large number of users, this is the solution for you. Instead of buying hundreds of remote controls, program each of them, make sure that they are returned (you have no control over whether the remote is in the possession of an unauthorized person) - just use the GSM Controller.