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Manuals and firmware


Firmware V1.47b7 – 18.04.2018

Fixed bug happen during http post by GSM module board.

 Firmware V1.49b6 – 20.08.2018

Major change: settings are stored now in flash memory, not eeprom. Recommended to upgrade  if you have long cable I2C bus sensors.

 Firmware V1.50b1 – 24.01.2019

Removed bugs:
– in “Remote control” sending first change of input after power on or long pause;
– snmp trap – humidity correction sending, added  DS7 i DS8;
– newer TCP/IP stack;

New features:
– new 4 additional SMS text fileds in  “GSM” , thanks it can be setup different messages start of event and end of event. 
– option of aoutorestart in “Scheduler” 
– option “Everytime” in  Scheduler , which start every setup time. for example in widow time 00:00:40 running every 40 seconds;
– in “Power/Energy”, window for setting starting value of energy  (set kWh)
– in “Power/Energy” option of saving energy counter after restart (Save energy after power off ) Notice: value is saving every 5min, so maximally this period we can lost.
–  PID (proportional–integral–derivative) controller for PWM output –  test version– all notices are welcomed
– added new particulate matter sensor – SPS30 Sensirion. It measure PM1, PM2.5, PM4 i PM10 using UART or I2C interface. For I2C need to be pin no 4 of sensor connected to GND.
energy meter SDM120 Modbus (measure 14 parameters, also reverse power – ideal for PV installation), comunication by UART-RS485, converter, below connecting schema. Pins RE i DE should be connected together to  pin 8 in IDC1;
– tab “Temperature sensors” chnaged to “I2C i 1-Wire sensors”,  1wire sensors cne be defined as prevoius. For I2C we can decide which sensor should be supported by firmware ( for some we can choose only one from list).
–  for OLED display new 3-rd parameter for cutting lenght of variable (value 0 to 9). Example: for supply voltage we had  %062 and was displayed : 12,45, now we have  %0620 and  12,45 also (not cutted) but can be setup  %0621 (result 12,4) or  %0623 (result 12) 
NOTICE!!! this parameters is only for OLED display, for HTTP client as in previous version. 
– in tab OLED numbers of all supported sensors.

 Firmware V1.51b1 – 08.02.2019

Removed bugs:
– energy counter setup 
– getting HDCP address
– correction of   ACS709_75 sensor reading
New features:
– support for ACS711LC_12.5A current sensor
– support for ACS711LC_25A current sensor
– support for ACS712LC_20A current sensor 

 Mobile app ver 0.4.0 1.12.2017

First beta version of mobile application for using with   tinycontrol devices connected to mqtt.ats.pl server

Work with   Lan Kontroler v3 and WR-01 (Sonoff Tasmota) 

Mobile app ver 0.5.0 1.02.2018

Next version of mobile application for using with   tinycontrol devices connected to mqtt.ats.pl server.

Added icons inside app.

Work with   Lan Kontroler v3 and WR-01 (Sonoff Tasmota) .


Mobile app ver 1.01 on Google Play

Next version of mobile application for using with   tinycontrol devices connected to mqtt.ats.pl server.


Added PWM control and new  way of authorization.

Work with   Lan Kontroler v3 and WR-01 (Sonoff Tasmota) .