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Mobile app ver 1.01 on Google Play

Next version of mobile application for using with   tinycontrol devices connected to mqtt.ats.pl server.


Added PWM control and new  way of authorization.

Work with   Lan Kontroler v3 and WR-01 (Sonoff Tasmota) .

 www generator



NOTICE: firmware and manuals for version 3.0 of Lan Controller are in ARCHIVES now.

Firmware 1.24 10.04.2020

Improvements or removed bugs:
– correction of energy settings

New functionality:
– option for automatic logging, tab “Settings ->Automatic sign in” right upper corner,
– restart Lan Controller  by mqtt command,
– added support for series of new devices: (Epever tracer – solar charger) read  status and errors by  modbus,
– 3 additional fields for SMS’s. In the order as:  sms1 ->msg1 and  phone number1, sms2->msg2 and phone number2, sms3->msg3 and phone number3.

Firmware 1.22c 10.03.2020

Improvements or removed bugs:
– correction of DIFF value and setup of DIFF3 
– readings  ACS709 sensor values ;
display event status in Events,

New functionality:
 – units selections for power/energy W, kW, l/min, m3/min
– frequency controll of I2C bus, it gives the possibility of extending the wires to sensors and display. Switching on OLED forced using 50kHz, with switched off can work 20kHz. This feature is only for EXPERIMENTS PURPOSES, if sensors work well, please not change this frequency.

Firmware 1.21 27.12.2019

Improvements or removed bugs:
– in Events sending by mqtt in Events;
– setting inputs  for  DIFF2 i DIFF3 after restart;
– power setup in POWER/ENERGY (in firmware  1.19 was multiplied by 1000);
– reconnecting to MQTT server
–  GSM module support by serial port;
New functionality:
– added support for  barcode or  QR code readers (TTL 9600-8-N-1 like YHD M300), read code is send as payload by mqtt;
– added support of ultrasonic distance meter  JSN-SR04T-2.0, in Mode 2. Also added in Events;
– added  section in MQTT “send after changer”for   INPT1, INPT2, BARCODE. Mqtt payload is send if there is change on inputs or barcode reader scan code; 
– added 3 email messages ( so there are 4 now: email1…email4) , added also 8 fields for message definition . Each   emailX message has 2 text fields: first for text sending during event activation, second after desactivation (back);
– added possibility to add variables in sending by email text – same rule as in http ulr or OLED;
– added keeping state of all outputs  (OUT0….OUT5, PWM0…PWM3) after a power outage, if there is backup battery connected to connector behind INPxD inputs.

Firmware 1.19 08.11.2019
NOTICE: After upgrade on HW3.5 or 3.6 when serial port was used, reset to factory settings is demand.

Improvements or removed bugs:
– DHCP – waiting time on address increased from 2 to 4 seconds;
–  in OLED support on  I2C;
– new MQTT library , include LWT;
– bacup file loading;
– Scheduler saving;
– automatic daylight time change;  

New functionality:

–  TLS (prior SSL) encryption for  HTTPS, EMAIL(port 465), MQTTS(port 8883), SNMP v3, switching on encryption  (in Network tab) will cause a longer page load to over 1s when login. You must accept the certificate, which is not underwritten by confidential CA. Depend on web browser closed padlock will be present or not. But connection will be encrypted, green padlock on left upper bar in Lan Controller menu will present it, GMAIL accounts are supported now, but setup in account menu is little complicated because of Google security policy – description in online manual will be publicised 14Nov.;
– VIN as a source in  Power/Energy;
–  1-wire sesor list can be edit now, each press of “read ID…” button show next sensor ID ;

 – Events list can be edit now;

–  Schedulerlist cen be edit now;
– MQTT Connection as a source in Events, main application is switching between autonomous stae (with no internet connection) and only control by  MQTT server.;
– MQTT as output in Events , send  mqtt payload when any input generated event. Main application are  sensors  or logical inputs alerts;
– MQTT receive  EVENT1-8 topics, can be used to more advanced remote control of virtual events from server;
– MQTT send “impulse time” to topic  inpt1 i inpt2 when “impulse time” option is chosen in  INPD, can be used for collecting data from machine cycles time;
–  air pressure sensor  (BME280)- elevation level can be add to show normalized pressure;
– added DIFF3, at present each of the four 48v batteries (12V) can be measured separately;
– added indication of export/import power  of  SDM120M i SDM72 electicyti meters in Power/Energy tab. It enables balance tracking and beyond switching on/off load when export/import of energy is changing – important for PV;
– power P1-P4 as a news ource in Events, applications as above;

– separation ( SDM meters)  of Modbus RTU (RS485) to Modbus tab, RS485 converter in  HW3.7 can be connected to free pins: IDC10-1: GPIO1 (pin10) to Tx i GPIO2 (pin8) to Rx. In older HW3.5 i 3.6converter can be connecet only  to  UART Tx, Rx as earlier. Firmware support both connection automatically. Thanks this separation both MOdbus and serial port UART can be used same time, for example energy meters and GSM module; 
–  slave ID can be edited in w Modbus RTU, it allow using few different sensors on Modbus;
Modbus RTU converter connection in version 3.5, 3.6 (to serial pin) and in  version 3.7 (to GPIO1,2 pins).
NOTICE: Lan Controllers needs SDM energy meters setup to  9600b/s transmission by Modbus RTU. Please use meter setup (button) to change  this parameter.


Firmware 1.11 25.08.2019

New functionality:
– Modbus TCP server (test version) allow read input/outputs by Modbus controller like Siemens LOGO

Firmware 1.10 25.08.2019

New functionality:
– support energy meter SDM72D-M – modbus RS485 communication
– support ZMPT101(AC meter) for inputs INP5A i INP6A (allow 3 phase monitoring with SCT013)

Firmware 1.09b 31.07.2019

New functionality:
– time measurement on  INPD1  and INPD3

For starting this function first select checkbox  Impulse Time near above inputs. Inputs  INPD2 lub INPD4 should be connected to GND (after turn on controller function AND usally initialized by machine operation). Each reset to GND on  inputs INPD1 i INPD3 should start time measurement and show it in window. Resolution 1s.

Feature can be used for machine cycles time measuring.

Firmware 1.08b 11.07.2019

– website display
–  1 -wire reading
–  SCT, ZMPT sensors measurements
–   PT1000 on  INP1A i INP2A measurements
New functionality:
– DS7 i DS8 added to  DIFF1 i DIFF2
– except xml  files with Lan Controller parameters or date json format can be read by :
where xxx -name of json file.
List below:


Firmware 1.06b 10.06.2019

Removed bugs:
shifted symbols for humidity sensor
problems with analog sensors when used for both DC and AC signals.


Firmware 1.05b 

 Firmware with new web interface!

Removed bugs:
login problems
reading energy after turn-on
writing SMS box in GSM tab
MQTT checkbox

completely new look of www interface 
better support for small displays
new organization of Scheduler and Events
better language translations

support for new sensors:
current through hole WCS1800 high DC voltage HVSR25.