IP Power Socket 5G10A v2

Power strip in Rack 19 inch standard, equipped with 5 independently managed 230V sockets. Management of the strip can be done via the embedded web server or via the SNMP protocol. In addition to the Ethernet socket, the strip has a temperature sensor input in 1-Wire standard (DS18B20). It is possible to support up to 4 sensors (1 to 4 splitter on sale).

Basic features

Technical specifications

Quantity of sockets 5
Supply voltage 230V AC
Maximum current 10A
Maximum power 2300W
Protection 2x10A fuse
Connection type Cable with plug
Interfaces Ethernet 10 Mbit/s
1-Wire - support for up to 4 sensors via RJ11.

Examples of application




Filename: powersocketip5g_v6_12a.bin (298.0 KB)


Filename: powersocketip5g_v6_12.bin (299.3 KB)


Filename: powersocketip5g_v6_10.bin (293.0 KB)


Filename: powersocketip5g_v6_09.bin (301.3 KB)


Deklaracja CE - IP Power Socket 5G10A v2

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Informacja techniczna - IP Power Socket 5G10A v2

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Instrukcja - IP Power Socket 5G10A v2 pl

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Manual - IP Power Socket 5G10A v2 en

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