GSM Power Socket 5G10A v2

Power strip in Rack 19 inch standard, equipped with 5 independently managed 230V sockets and GSM module for remote control of sockets. Management of the strip can be done via SMS messages with password authorization. The GSM module power supply is maintained by the battery, thanks to which, after proper programming, we can be notified of a power shortage and power up. The strip has an input for temperature sensors in 1-Wire standard (DS18B20). It is possible to support up to 4 sensors (1 to 4 splitter on sale).

Basic features

Technical specifications

Quantity of sockets 5
Supply voltage 230V AC
Maximum current 10A
Maximum power 2300W
Protection 2x10A fuse
Connection type Cable with plug
Interfaces Micro USB x1
1-Wire - support for up to 4 sensors via RJ11.
Battery 12V 0.8Ah (maintaining GSM power supply)
Buffer power supply Meanwell SCP-35-12 13.8V/2.6A
Dimensions 45 x 425 x 140mm (without handles)
Weight 2.60kg

Examples of application



Deklaracja CE

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Informacja techniczna - GSM Power Socket pl

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Technical information - GSM Power Socket en

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Instrukcja - GSM Power Socket

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