1.10a (Jan. 26, 2024)

Filename: lc40_1_10a.bin (1.8 MB)

  • Support for the HTTP port option in the Network tab.
  • Saving static settings for Wi-Fi in the Network tab.
  • Memory leak in HTTP server with Basic Authentication enabled.
  • Display time option in OLED.
  • APN support for modem. After saving the new APN, an LK restart is required.
  • Indexing of outputs in SMS commands.
  • Reading of negative temperatures from SHTC3 (built-in temperature and humidity sensor).
  • Control of OUT outputs with the Reverse state option active.
1.08 (Nov. 17, 2023)

Filename: lc40_1_08.bin (1.8 MB)



An application that simplifies work with tinycontrol devices. It includes functions for finding them in the local network (Discovery function) and updating the firmware.

tinycontrol integration for Home Assistant

Integration allows you to use readings from tinycontrol devices and control their outputs inside Home Assistant. The current version includes support for LK4.0, LK3.5+, LK3.0, LK2.5, LK2.0, tcPDU and IP Power Socket V1/V2.


Currently, you need to install it as a custom integration, i.e. copy the integration files to the config/custom_components folder in Home Assistant (details in


We add devices using the Home Assistant UI, providing access data to the device (host, port, optionally username and password).

By default, added devices only have a few entities enabled, e.g. board temperature and voltage. The remaining entities can be turned on independently in the UI at your discretion. Entity availability varies by device.

After you update your device software, you may need to reload the integrations for them to properly support them.

tinycontrol integration - current version lk3 integration - previous version (only LK3.0 and LK3.5+ supported)


Online documentation for Lan Controller
Krótka instrukcja LK v4.0 | Short manual LC v4.0

Filename: LK4_ulotka_DL_198x210.pdf (911.3 KB)