Basic features



  • 2 analog inputs with switchable gain (measurement from 1mV to 33V) - for measuring voltages, DC current, AC current (additional sensors), operating pressure sensors, thermocouples, distance sensors, photoresistors for lighting measurement and many others.
  • 2 analog inputs with switchable gain (measurement from 1mV to 55V) - for measuring voltages, DC current, AC current (additional sensors), operating pressure sensors, thermocouples, distance sensors, photoresistors for lighting measurement and many others.
  • 2 analog inputs for measuring up to 3.3V - for measuring DC and AC voltages and currents (through additional sensors) and a 4-20mA converter.
  • Digital input in 1-Wire standard - measurement of up to 8 DS18B20 temperature probes and iButton key reading.
  • Digital input in I2C standard (together with 1-Wire on RJ12 connector) - for connecting various devices, e.g. temperature and humidity sensor AM2320 or BME280, OLED display with the ability to configure displayed text, RTC clock and many others. (see list of supported sensors below)
  • Serial bus (UART) - currently supports CO2 sensor, PM10/PM2.5 particulate sensor, GSM module and PV Duraluxe inverter.
  • Bus for connecting the MODBUS RTU converter.
  • 4 logic inputs - as a status sensor for opening monitoring, infrared motion sensors, for a button for manual switching with the option of bistable mode, as a pulse counter from the energy meter, as a time counter between subsequent input resets.
  • 1 relay (NO, C, NC).
  • 1 transistor output - supply voltage at the output, to control loads with a current consumption of up to 1A.
  • 4 outputs for switching relays, transistors in OC standard.
  • 4 PWM outputs 50Hz to 100kHz.
  • Measurement of supply voltage and temperature on the board.


  • Modern and responsive web interface.
  • The ability to upload your own website.
  • Possibility of own configuration of the Status panel - uploading your own background, selection and placement of necessary readings and buttons.
  • Two levels of access (login) - as an administrator for configuration and as a user to view the Status.
  • Remote control from one to many devices via UDP - useful as an implementation of the button over the Internet.
  • Advanced event table with the ability to check 2 conditions, including time events.
  • Scheduler for setting 50 programmed time events.
  • Modern communication protocols: SNMP, HTTP and MQTT.
  • Encrypted communication protocols based on TLS (formerly SSL): HTTPS, e-mail (port 465), MQTTS (port 8883), SNMP v3.
  • Many options for setting and controlling using HTTP requests from outside the device or controlling other receivers with HTTP commands from the device. For example controlling WiFi plugs, displaying reading from sensors on camera image.
  • The ability to collect data on the shared website and their visualization and processing.
  • Possibility of reading data from sensors via MODBUS TCP and controller.
  • Many functions available through the cloud such as setting reactions and tasks (performing actions in specific conditions and at a specific time) covering many devices.
  • RTC clock and maintaining the state of outputs and energy.
  • Mobile application.

List of currently supported sensors and devices

  • Analog inputs (the whole spectrum of sensors with voltage or 4-20mA output, supported in firmware)
    • AC voltage sensor: AC-meter, TR-12
    • AC current sensors: SCT-013-000, SCT-013-030
    • DC current sensors: ACS711EX_15, ACS711EX_30, ACS709_75, ACS711LC_12, ACS711LC_25, ACS711LC20, WCS1800, WCS6800, LA100P, R=0.1Ω, R=0.01Ω, R=0.05Ω
    • HV DC voltage sensor (for PV, in development)
    • temperature sensor: PT1000 (with additional resistor)
  • Logical inputs (digital)
    • magnetic sensor of door opening, etc.
    • energy and power measurement from pulse outputs of energy meters
  • 1-Wire bus
    • temperature sensor DS18B20
  • I2C bus
    • humidity sensors: BME280 (humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure), AM2320 (humidity, temperature)
    • particulate matter sensor SPS30 (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10)
    • 0.96 inch OLED display
  • Serial port
    • GSM module
    • particulate matter sensor SPS30 and SDS011
    • CO2 sensors MH-Z16, MH-Z19
    • Duraluxe PV inverters
    • ultrasonic distance sensor
    • 2D and barcode scanner
    • RFID readers
  • MODBUS port (via an additional RS485 converter)
    • 2-way energy meters SDM120M and SDM72D-M (power, energy, voltage, current and other readings depending on the meter)
    • professional water parameter sensor RDO-PRO-X
    • Epever Tracer solar chargers
    • Sofarsolar and GTIL photovoltaic inverters
    • EKC 202C Danfos refrigeration controller
    • MODBUS controller can read sensors connected to the Lan Controller (tested with Siemens LOGO)
  • HTTP Client


- Options under development, new features might be added.