Examples of application


  • Watchdog for checking the Ethernet connection and possible device reset.
  • Control of temperature or presence of people in the server room and remote or automatic response.
  • Transmission of weather conditions on the occasion of images from IP cameras.

Home automation

  • Automatic switch-on of the stove when the temperature drops below the set value and switch-off when it rises.
  • Controlling the activation/deactivation of lighting or other devices remotely, according to the program or at dusk or dawn, brightness control.
  • On/off control simultaneously from wall switches and from the device.
  • Twilight switch.
  • Irrigation control - no more tedious checking into the garage to modify the watering time - now we'll do it from behind the desk.

Installations and industry

  • Temperature control and possible simple automation of central heating installations.
  • Temperature and pressure control as well as possible simple automation of the solar installation.
  • Measurements of temperature, energy and detection of emergency situations in heat pump installations.
  • Monitoring of the supply voltage and possible automatic switching to backup sources.
  • Remote control of energy consumption via pulse output of the electricity meter.
  • Remote monitoring of the machine's operation, determination and comparison of the length of machine cycles, detection of emergency situations, measurement of energy consumption per element production cycle.
  • Remote switching on of remote devices from a simple operator panel.
  • Remote (via cable or wireless) transmission of commands for the output of one Lan Controller from the input or event of another Lan Controller.

Renewable energy and energy saving

  • Monitoring of power and energy, for example, the ability to work with 2-way meters and load switching (local via relays or via http, mqtt) when we have excess energy fed into the network.
  • Regulation of heat pumps, air conditioners according to local or remote schedule and temperature measurement, remote switching off, switching on - as a control element you can use a relay to connect a resistor to the existing measurement device on the thermistor.
  • Measurements of solar installation operation.
  • Wind turbine operation measurements.
  • Simple battery control, measuring each battery in a 48V battery.
  • Measurement of energy consumption by direct current consumers.


  • Monitoring and control of temperature and humidity in greenhouses.
  • Cyclical control of feeders and other equipment in farming.
  • Irrigation.