IP Power Socket 5G10A v2 Pro

New version of the managed Power Socket IP Power Socket 5G10A v2 Pro with additional sensor inputs and backup 12V DC.

Power strip in Rack 19 inch standard, equipped with 5 independently managed 230V sockets. Management of the strip can be done via the embedded web server or via the SNMP protocol. In addition to the Ethernet socket, the strip has a temperature sensor input in 1-Wire standard (DS18B20). It is possible to support up to 4 sensors (1 to 4 splitter on sale).

Basic features

Technical specifications

Quantity of sockets 5
Supply voltage 230V AC
Maximum current 10A
Maximum power 2300W
Protection 2x10A fuse
Connection type Cable with plug
Interfaces Ethernet 10 Mbit/s
1-Wire - support for up to 4 sensors via RJ11.

Examples of application