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Managed GIGABIT PoE Switch 10 ports 1SFP10G

Managed PoE gigabit switch is unique new device designed as combination of management switch, PoE injector and in/out controller. In opposite to typical PoE switches this one don’t has fixed voltage output. This parameter depend on voltage of connected supply (12-55V)  to two independent sections. Thanks it switch is very universal.

All PoE outputs power parameters are remote controlled, link status and data  transfers. Most useful is watchdog, which monitor each connected device if reply to ping and if hangs on – reset it automatically.



– Management by WWW or SNMP v2.(all SNMP features available after upgrade),

– Firmware upgrade remotely by TFTP,

– Read data in real time without refreshing www page,

– ON/OFF power to 10 passive POE ports directly from a web page or SNMP,

– Watchdog IP on all ports (email notification, trap, reset of power on PoE output),

– 1 logical input – as detector of open cabin door or other purpose,

– Temperature measurement,

– Voltage measurement: resolution, accuracy – + 0.1V,

– Current and power  measurement on each port and consumed by all devices,

– Date and time from NTP or manual,

– Email alert when Watchdog activated,

– Many Watchdog setup options,

– Automatic sending of SNMP TRAP (VCC, temperature, INPD),

– Supported protocols: HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, NTP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP,

– 10 ports 1000/100/10Mbit

– 1 port SFP 1Gbit

– Limit power on the PoE port when 2A current is exceeded.

– VLAN support (in feature after upgrade)

– Optional mounting in rack cabinet. 



– Power and switch WLAN radios

– Power ad switch IP cameras

– In cabinets for power and switch controlling devices

– In industrial networks

– For different smart home applications. 




Power supply voltage:  9-57V
Current consumption at one POE port:  max 750mA.PoE standard: passive (all pairs)
Total power on all ports: ≤ 6A
Power consumption of the Switch: <1W
Protection against reverse polarity: YES
Maximal current from transistor output: 1A
Work temperature: -20 do +85 st. CHousing type: desktop or rack
Housing sizes (without holders) 250x102x37mm , with holders , 450x102x37mm, housing high – 1U
Weight 0.350kg