Our Product

Jacht Computer

Controller with lights, switch table and dispaly for monitoring small vessel resources. On the photo typical apllication of controll panel, but possible is other design according to customer wishes.

Main features

Yacht computer provide:

– rotation speed measure

– liquid level measure (for example for 2 water and 1 petrol tank) display in %

– voltage measure of 2 batteries

– temperature measure with 1 wire DS18B20 sensor

– flash memeory for collecting data (for example about exxed rotation speed)

– output for 2 astable buttons for changing dispaly information



Technical features

– power : DC voltage 6 V-28 V, reverse polarity protection, LED info about power z

– 8 measurement inputs (voltage divider on board)

– display16x2 signs, 10mm sign high

– electronics board sizes: 123 mm x 50 mm