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IP Power Socket 5G10A V2

Power distribution unit in Rack 19″ standard. Equipped with five independly managed  outlets for 230V. Managment available by embeded web server or SNMP protocol. Except ethernet socket ther is 1wire socket for temperature measurement.

Version PRO – has 1x analog input and 2 digital inputs.




– Management by WWW or SNMP v2.
– Firmware upgrade by special application
– Read data in real time without refresh the page
– ON/OFF power to five outlets directly from a web page or SNMP
– Watchdog IP for 5 IP adresses and automatical reaction if no reply
– Monitoring up to 4 temperature sensors on 1wire interface
– Environment temperature measure in power unit
– Even Config – adjustable power ON dealy on each outlet after turnign on the unit
-Even Config output control when temeperature level filled setup condition,
– Sheduler – set up to 10 time events like turning on, off, resets
– Date and time from NTP or manual
– Email or SNMP alert when Watchdog activation or temperature sensor filled condition
– Remote – availability to remote control from buttons of other Lan Controller
– Supported protocols: HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, NTP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP.
Version PRO 
– Even Config – email or SNMP alert when analog value  or logical input state filled setup condition
– Even config – output control when analog input or logic input state filled setup condition



Outlet quantity: 5
Power voltage: AC 230V
Max curent: 10A
Max power: 2300W
Fuse: 2x10A
Power cable: wire with plug
Ethernet: RJ45, 10Mb
1wire:  RJ11 support up to 4 sensors
Version PRO :
Analog input: INPV U< 36V
Digital inputs: INP1D INP2D ( Low=0~0,8V, High=0,8V~20V)