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Gigabit PoE injector

Gigabit PoE injector is manufactured in our company to the needs of operators, wireless internet. As the only passive PoE device can deliver up to 1.5A power supply cable Ethernet standard 1 Gb/s. This effect was achieved using special, high current transformers on signal lines ethernet manufactured in Poland for our order. Power signal is introduced only four lines in accordance with the passive PoE 100 Mb/s, so that the device is completely compatible with the slower version of the LAN. PoE injector meet the power requirements of 12V to 56V. A practical solution is also the case of height and depth, and an optional 1U mounting bracket on the DIN-rail.




– High current carrying capacity *
– Full bandwidth of 1 Gb/s
– Over-voltage protection on the input
– Overcurrent protection on the PoE outputs
– Assembly rack or DIN-rail



– Power radio equipment for PoE
– Power cameras
– Industrial networks
– Smart home


The amount of 1Gbit ports 5x LAN, 5x LAN + PoE
PoE standard 4+, 5+, 7–, 8–
Supply voltage (terminal peg) 12 ÷ 56 V DC
Power consumption on a single PoE port maximum 1,5 A (recommended to 1 A)
Total current consumption on all ports ≤ 7 A
Reverse polarity protection YES
Output short-circuit protection YES 1,6 A
Operating temperature range –20 do + 65 °C
Dimensions (height x width x length) 45 x 78 x 170 mm (207 mm with holders)
Casing Type 1U with the option of mounting on DIN-rail
Weight 530 g



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