Our Product

Basic features


– 4 analog inputs with switched amplified gain, measurement range from 1mV to 33V. Can be used for voltage, AC/DC current (need additional sensors), analog temperature sensors, photoresistors as dusk sensors, pressure sensors and many more, 

– 2 direct analog inputs up to 3.3V, for DC voltage/ current measurements, 4-20mA sensors and many more,

– 1wire digital bus: support up  to 6 temperature DS18B20 sensors,

– I2C digital bus (common with 1wire on RJ12 socket) for many different sensors: temperature, humidity (and pressure) BME280, AM2320, for remote OLED displays, for RTC and more, *

– serial bus (UART 3.3V)  at this moement support CO2 sensor, PM2.5/PM10 dust sensor, GSM module and Duraluxe PV inverter, *

– 4 logical inputs: as a status monitor (open/close door, PIR sensors etc), as button for manual swithcing and bistable option or as a pulse counter from an energy meter,

– 1 relay (NZ, NO, C),

– 1 transistor output, give power voltage  on terminals,  for  loads up to 1A,

– 4 outputs of  OC standard for switching relays, transistors, etc,

– 4 PWM output 50KHZ to 100kHz,

– supply voltage and temperature on board measurement.


– modern web interface, pull-down menu, javascripts,

– user configurable website -simple way by switching on/off visible elements and  location arrangement on Status page

– user configurable website –  advanced way  by generating own javascripts to fit website apparance,

–  possible download picture to Status window,

– login as admin or user to see only Status page,

– remote control one to many devices by UDP, very usable to button over network implementation,

– event config with 2 conditions analysis – as simple automatisation,  

–  scheduler for setup up to 50 time events,

– support for many communication protocols: SNMP, HTTP GET/POST and MQTT,

–  many option for setup or control  by http request from outside device or sending http command from controller to other devices,

– free for non commercial usage cloud mqtt.ats.pl for collecting data and drawing charts from sensors value.

–  many additional features on cloud like events, scheduler, SMS gateway – also for communication between different devices*

– mobile application,

*option under development and new function will be available.