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Air quality sensor SDS-011

Air quality sensor SDS-011 use laser scattering technique. His benefits are high resolution, fast response and easy integration.




Output: PM2.5, PM10
Measuring Range: 0.0-999.9μg/m3
Input Voltage:5V
Maximum Current: 100mA
Sleep Current:2mA
Response Time1 second
Serial Data Output Frequency: 1 time/second
Particle Diameter Resolution:≤0.3μm
Relative Error:10%
Temperature Range:-20~50°C
Physical Size: 71mm*70mm*23mm
Data interface – UART TTL
Work time- over 6 months depends on air quality


For longer working time sensor should be cleaned gently by compressed air (specially fan). Device can be connected to Lan Controller V3 for remote air quality monitoring. Exemplary measurement making by this sensor and Lan Controller is presented on site: www.powietrze.radom.pl