Our Product

Examples of applications


- Watchdog function to checking TCP/IP connection and launch outputs if hanging happen
- Temperature, supply voltage and person occupancy control in server rooms
- Weather condition report on the occasion of IP cameras views



- Home electric stove control (automatically or remote)
- Turning on/off home lightening remote, by scheduler or by event, controlling intensity
- Turning off TV box if remote is other person hands 😉
- Irrigation control - you don't need visit your garage to modify irrigation time or you can turn sprayer precisely in the moment when your favorite neighbor passes near 😉



- Temperature controlling and simple automation in your heating system
- Temperature and pressure controlling in solar thermal installations
- Measurements of heat pump operation
- Monitoring of grid voltage and automatic switching to backup with mail notification
- Remote control (by LAN or wirelesslan) understands as forwarding command to one of output of Lan controller from input of other Lan controller.



- Measurements of solar cells work
- Measurements of wind turbines
- Measurements of charging battery
- Measurements of power consuming



- Irigation systems
- Animal food processing automatization